Tenun Pahang is a tradition weave created centuries ago to record a way of life, myths, beliefs, taboos and certain ceremonies. It shows the delicate relationship between the weaving tradition with the environment that reflects their thinking and traditional community life Pahang. Results inspiration and the best inventions of choice in soft colors, Pahang Weaving began to grow to the fine arts and a special weaving textiles for the palace. In a woven weft and losengnya also inserted a symbolic relationship between the king and the people. Through this woven fabric weavers who dedicate themselves to the craft has been loyal to disclose his undivided them to the government. No wonder if the fabric Pahang Weaving recognized with the title 'Royal' and is now known as the Royal Pahang Weaving. In fact, it can not be denied that the Royal Pahang Weaving is also a symbol of status and power of the aesthetic subtlety and sensitivity of the wearer.